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Sailing rules

Basic rules on the water

Sailing rules:

≈ When mooring and maneuvering, take back speed or gas. The ship turns shorter when the speed is out.
≈ First check the situation before you moor, where does the wind come from, is there enough depth, you can moor there and the place is big enough.
≈ Always give professional shipping priority. When in doubt just wait, you have a vacation.
≈ Do not sail too fast, wave movements are bad for nature and annoying for fellow water sports enthusiasts. You sail to enjoy the surroundings and the peace.
≈ Water sports is fun and you do together. Also help others if they need help.
≈ Leave your mooring place, leave it clean. We are economical on nature.
≈ NEVER jump off, scaffolding is slippery when wet. There are also pits in a grass field.
≈ Boating is discovering and enjoying. It is about sailing, not about the goal.
≈ The mate does not drink alcohol while sailing, the rules are the same as on the road.
≈ Never sail at the same time as a barge through a narrowing such as at a bridge, aqueduct or sluice. Always allow professional shipping to take place. The displacement of these ships is large and makes it difficult for you to keep your ship under control.
≈ Just turn right (5mtr from the side) and take into account the large blind spot of an inland vessel.

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