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≈ When mooring and maneuvering, reduce speed or throttle. The motorboat turns shorter when the speed is off.
≈ First check the situation before mooring, where does the wind come from, is there enough depth, are you allowed to moor there and is the place large enough.
≈ Always give commercial shipping priority. When in doubt, just wait, after all, you are on vacation.
≈ Do not sail too fast, wave movements are bad for nature and annoying for fellow water sports enthusiasts. You sail to enjoy the surroundings and the tranquility.
≈ Water sports are fun and sailing is easy. Also help others if they need help.
≈ When you leave your mooring area, leave it clean. We are careful with nature.
≈ NEVER jump off board, jetties are slippery when wet. There are also often potholes in a lawn.
≈ Sailing is discovering and enjoying. It’s about the sailing, not the goal.
≈ The helmsman does not drink alcohol while sailing, the rules are the same as on the road.
≈ Never sail at the same time as an inland vessel through a narrowing, such as at a bridge, aqueduct or lock. Always let professional shipping take precedence. The water displacement of these ships is large and makes it difficult for you to keep your Tjalk under control.
≈ Just sail to the right (5mtr from the side) and take into account the large blind spot of an inland vessel

Rent a boat at Yachtrental?
Bed linen can be rented for € 12 per set. Indicate if this is desired.
Mandatory cleaning costs € 50. This is deducted from a € 350 deposit that can be paid in cash upon departure in the marina. Pet possible for € 35 due to extra cleaning costs.

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