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Rent a motorboat in Friesland

……….. welcome!! Are you looking forward to spending your boat holiday in Friesland on one of our Frisian motor Tjalken? Or one of our one electric houseboat? You have come to the right place for motorboat rental in Friesland.
Sailing is a way of life in versatile Friesland, that is, rent a motorboat, get on board and discover the best way to see and experience this beautiful province from a different perspective.
Chat with other water enthusiasts during your cruise, admire the traditional windmills on the banks, take your bike for a trip through cozy villages or moor in one of the hip, new harbors with a wide range of modern facilities.

Home port of rental boat in Friesland

Our home base at It Ges in Sneek is centrally located in Friesland. That is why you can easily sail through Friesland and rent a boat from us.
The Elfstedentocht or the Turfroute, it doesn’t matter where to, Sneek is the starting point for every sailing pleasure.
We would like to welcome you at Eeltjebaasweg 5 in Sneek for reception. All our boats are moored at this address, so that your holiday can start immediately. You always get the boats with a full diesel tank (200 litres) and a water tank (400 litres).

Rent the Frisian Motortjalk as a boat in Friesland

Due to the spacious dimensions, the charter ships are extremely comfortable and stable, which means that all 5 boats are fully equipped with a kitchen, sitting and sleeping facilities, a so-called private house on the water or, as they call it in Germany, a hausboot. . Due to the low “clearance height” (2.30 m) and the low draft, you can reach a large sailing area, so you pay less bridge dues. Sailing is easy and quick to learn, because in addition to the diesel engine, the Frisian motor tjalks have a bow thruster, which makes maneuvering even easier.
You can rent a motorboat at Yachtrental at affordable prices. The Frisian motor tjalk takes you on an unforgettable holiday on the Frisian Lakes.

Your Yachtrental Team.

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